Lokai Classic Bracelet

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chelem I love the Byzantine look! Bought the cross too. Glad I did, it is a beautiful design and looks like it is a real gold bracelet, so rich!

libragirl420 I was realy happy to be able to get this breacelet. It felt good on my wrist, smooth and it had the perfect weight.

I put it on at 7pm and by 5am the next morning, the bracelet had changed colors and the gold finish was coming off.

Less than 12 hours later, the bracelet was not worth the money paid for it.

Had to return it and pay the S/H on an item that ended up damaged due to poor quality.

My suggestion is to order items from QVC as they do not make you pay for the S/H on damaged items.

NENE2222 Too bad mine was stolen, Got to buy it again. It is a must have that looks much more expensive than the price I paid. It is a wear anytime bracelet.

CACHETES Too bad mine was stolen, Got to buy it again. It is a must have that looks much more expensive than the price I paid. It is a wear anytime bracelet.

BluSu I was on the wait list for the Technibond Byzantine Bracelet and was convinced that I would be returning it, if I did receive it. It came today and I WILL NOT be returning as it is a really nice looking bracelet I would think that it was 14K if I did not know differently. I have 14K bracelets and I lost one of my favorites it had a box clasp and I guess I did not have it clasped good. At any rate, I love that this bracelet has a lobster clasp and looks so real at a small price. Great buy!

illyp This bracelet is very pretty yet not over the top. It looks very expensive yet believable. No one has second guessed this bracelet. Very durable and comfortable to wear. I have not taken it off since I've received it. I have swam, showered, performed my household cleaning errands without any issues. All of my solid gold jewelry was stolen a few years back and it's nice to have the option of rebuilding my jewelry wardrobe. I ordered the size 7 as I have a very small wrist. Classy choice.

TNLadyKnox Unlike every other piece of Technibond I've purchased, this matched my 14K gold jewelry. Other pieces were too "yellow" and didn't look authentic. I contacted the company that makes Technibond and was told that due to the processing there is no way to "match" different pieces. I feel lucky to get this bracelet because it is the perfect color and very comfortable to wear. It is smooth and doesn't snag your clothes. I just wish I could buy a ring and necklace that would match!

mochatoo This was impossible for me to put on by myself. I even have one of those bracelet "helper" gismos. I thought it looked nice when I opened it so tossed out the return package. Now I can't return it. Just have to find someone to give it to...even though I have the smallest wrist in the family. Anyway it looks nice. ..if you are dexterous enough to get it on. I am older so that is part of the problem. I would wear it if I could.

mari62 I received this bracelet a few days ago. It's very pretty, but suprisingly light weight. I expected it to be heavier. Nice and flexable one way, if put on the other way it is stiff. Not versital. I've tried it on, but haven't worn it yet. It took a long time to be delivered, so if the 30 days goes by the purchase date I don't have much time to decide if I'm going to keep it. I probably will, but undecided.

rachel23love This is my 3rd Technibond purchase, and my first ever byzantine style piece. I really love this bracelet! It's sweet and classic and is as perfect with jeans as it is with a cocktail dress! It's made well and although I struggled at first to get it on by myself I got it on fine after that. I would love a wider byzantine bracelet in this style, it'll be on my wish list! Great color too, very believeable!


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Lokai Classic Bracelet

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